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No one can deny the impact foodservice has had on the c-store industry. In 2019, foodservice accounted for 25% of inside sales and share of gross profit dollars totaled 39%. Everyone wants a piece of this pie! But many convenience stores are simply prevented from participating in freshly prepared foodservice programs for a variety of reasons.

Godfather’s Pizza has the answer.

Godfather’s Pizza, a nationally recognized restaurant brand with locations across the United States and internationally, has been providing the best-tasting, most abundantly topped pizza pies since 1973. And we’ve been partnered with convenience store retailers with our Express program since 1990.

We know what it takes to be successful in the c-store market. That’s why we developed Godfather’s Pizza TO GO® and launched it in 2018.

Godfather’s Pizza TO GO® is a licensed pizza program targeted to a specific operation. Those with:

  • Small footprint or limited floor space
  • No or small kitchen area
  • Labor constraints

Piqued your interest? Learn more about our Godfather’s Pizza TO GO® program.

Program Details


Godfather’s Pizza TO GO® is a licensed pizza program created specifically for the c-store market.

  • Our program is designed around four primary 7” pizza SKUs
  • Pizzas are pre-topped and frozen
  • No upfront or ongoing fees for the retailer
  • Equipment flexibility
  • Minimal labor needed
  • Easy to execute
  • Godfather’s Pizza® branded packaging
  • Marketing materials available
  • Seasonal LTO’s and promotions


No one foodservice solution can fit all different kinds of c-store operations. But there is one brand. Godfather’s Pizza®. Godfather’s Pizza TO GO® is designed to help c-stores with limited space maximize their potential for food sales. In many instances, Godfather’s Pizza Express® is a better answer. It can drive significant volume and ultimately more sales.

National Brand Recognition

Yes Yes

Available Square Footage for a Pizza Program

Under 140 sq. ft. in total 140 sq. ft. for kitchen; 250 sq. ft. for refrigeration, storage, and dish area


Limited to 4 primary SKUs, personal-sized pizza, pre-topped and frozen. Side items and LTOs available Primarily 14″ large pizzas and 7″ mini pizzas, made-to-order; includes sides and desserts

Additional Add-on Food Programs

No Broasted® Chicken,
Big Boss Subs®,
and Breakfast Items


Minimal required Trained foodservice manager and staff required


Flexible Specifications provided

Franchise Fees

None Yes


Training aides At corporate headquarters and on-site

On-Going Operational Support

None Assigned franchise business consultant

Marketing Support

Access to marketing library of materials Free design services

Online Ordering Site Available

Can be added to Third Party Delivery platform by retailer Godfather’s Pizza Online Ordering Site or available for Third Party Delivery platforms
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A key component to any successful foodservice program is the marketing.

Godfather’s Pizza TO GO® has a wide range of marketing support items to bring people in from the pumps such as pump toppers, banners and posters. Additional interior marketing from warming chute toppers, cooler clings, etc. are also available. We even supply you with suggested visuals for social media posts.

Our customizable marketing items and approved photos are accessible to all licensees from our secure portal, so you are in control. You have the flexibility to print those items best suited for your store.


There is not much between you and starting a foodservice program in your c-store.

So, what is required to operate the Godfather’s Pizza TO GO® program?

Freezer Space

A single door freezer with 23 cu. ft. capacity or 11 to 22 cu. ft. of shared freezer space in a walk-in freezer.


The Godfather’s Pizza TO GO® program gives you the flexibility to choose the equipment that works for your store configurations.  We can work with your team on your existing equipment capabilities or for specific equipment package purchases.

Speed Bake Ovens
(Pizzas bake from frozen)

TurboChef® Oven
Merrychef® Oven

Traditional Ovens
(Pizzas bake from thawed)

Convection Oven
Impinger/Conveyor Oven

Work Area

You will need to consider the following for required workspace.

  • Counter space or self-standing cart for oven.
  • A minimum of three feet of counter space for cutting and boxing pizzas with shelving adjacent to hold supplies.
  • Access to freezer or refrigeration, as needed, to hold pizzas.
  • Customer accessible counter space for pizza display unit.

Display Area

To display cooked pizza to customers, you can select either an open or closed unit. Pizza hold time is one hour for an open or closed warmer. Keep in mind, sales in the open unit can be 15-20% higher. Branding is available for all cabinet-styles.

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